National Network

Vist the National Network home page. There are extensive resources available at this site, many of which we link to in other areas of our web site. Take a look!

The National Network of Youth Ministries has a listing of Cooperating Ministries. Some have links to their web sites. These ministries are examples of those who are actively cooperating with others to reach teenages for Christ.

Youth Transition Network is a coalition of youth, college and military ministries working together to motivate, prepare and connect students to their next spiritual home. exists to enlist, encourage, equip and empower Christian adults, and the community as a whole, to become mentors to young people.—the youth ministry network for women.
Helps women all over the country start independent networks for women in youth ministry in their area. is committed to empowering and connecting women in youth ministry. While the networks formed out of operate independently, this site serves those networks with resources, discussion guides, and more.

The Campus Alliance is an alliance of Christian students, youth workers, churches and youth organizations seeking to communicate the gospel of Christ to every teenager. It is coordinated by the National Network of Youth Ministries and is in partnership with Mission America.

Critical Incident Response
This coalition of crisis responders coordinates specialized training and resources to help prepare youth workers and local Networks to meet needs when crises strike, such as a teenage suicide, fatal car accident, school shooting, or other trauma. Four levels of involvement and training can be found at

The Youth Missions Network is a coalition of more than 50 USA-based churches and organizations who minister cross-culturally and internationally. Together they are collaborating to raise a standard of excellence in short-term missions and coordinating efforts related to international trips including the follow-up of student missionaries and development of mission resources. See

With a vision to see a ministry established to Native youth among all First Nation tribes, National Network of Native Youth Ministries links youth workers in meaningful relationships and coordinates efforts to reach shared goals. Trail of Hope was a significant training event held in the summer of 2004 to train and encourage hundreds of Native youth and adult workers. See

The Rural Affinity Network is a Coop for rural youth workers, seeking to partner their efforts in meeting the significant needs of teenagers in small town/rural America. A national advisory council meets regularly and cooperates to provide distinctive training for rural youth ministry in many regions of the USA. See

Urban youth workers connect with each other through, which exists to equip, empower and encourage urban youth leaders. Nationwide, relationships are being linked and relevant urban training is being offered through regional conferences and one-day training events.

Denominational Networks

United Methodist

Association for United Methodist youthworkers. Connecting youthworkers with each other for mutual support and for sharing of resources.