We removed all cost to being a member of the National Network. If you read the covenant statement and agree with it, you should join. We are indeed stronger and better working together. Network is a loose knit association of youth workers of like mind who meet together for encouragement, prayer, training and shared ministry.

If there is not a local network in your area, how about you being the one to get it started. You can order a Coordinator Manual at 1-858-451-1111. If you have an existing group of youth workers meeting already we want to encourage you to continue, but we would like to have a contact person with whom to communicate. In fact, why not have all the attending members join the National Network (remember it's free) and then you can all benefit from the connections. Want to talk more about it…send an e-mail to or call Chris Renzelman, Regional Coordinator at 425-255-2255.
Home page of National Network for more information.

Godirectly to the heart of Network's Mission, Covenant and Objectives with links to membership application via the covenant link.

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