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United Methodist Church

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Capernwray Holidays
Located in Lancashire, England and other lplaces around the world. Each holiday includes a program of optional activities and full use of facilities as well as great Bible teaching which is relevant and personal to all ages.

Ecola Hall
Unique Learning atmosphere of Cannon Beach, OR

Rural Church Youth Ministries
To find out more on developing student leadership through ministry camps, Click Here.

COST-FREE RENEWAL RETREATS FOR GLOBAL WORKERS -- ELIM Retreats, a ministry of Barnabas International, is offering 7 spiritual formation/re-entry/renewal retreats for workers in 2006. The retreat site is a 1400 acre private, gorgeous family property on the shores of Lake Huron, 2.5 hours north of Detroit, Michigan. The emphasis is on personal spiritual assessment and growth, interacting in small groups around the Word. The retreat affords lots of unscheduled time. Each retreat is 6 days. 16 participants of multiple cultures and agencies have their own bedrooms, sitting rooms and in most cases, private baths. Adult couples and singles only. Find pictures, faq's, dates and registration at or email hstewart5(at)juno(dot)com